Mission Viejo Short Sales

Mission Viejo is a beautiful, suburban town located on the west and south of Saint Bernardino mountains. It has lovely tree-lined locales that the National Arbor Day Foundation has commended. However, the city is not just another picturesque residential town. It also has many commercial complexes within its borders. According to the 2014 census, the city has a population of 93,699 people. This figure has grown by 0.59% in the last four years. If you’re considering moving into this town, you can find homes at very economical prices and Mission Viejo Short Sales make an interesting option.

Mission Viejo Short Sales

Mission Viejo Short Sales

Amy Sims: Top Realtor in Mission Viejo

While looking for short sales homes in Mission Viejo are a good investment option, finding them and finalizing deals can be a bit difficult. To help you shorten the bargaining procedures, you need the advice of an expert real estate agent. Amy Sims has a keen knowledge of the working of the industry. She is also aware of the various short sales options available in Mission Viejo and is the best person to guide you on the homes you can buy.

Why Opt for Mission Viejo Short Sales

Development and construction in the city began in the 1960s and thus, the city is well planned from the beginning. You’ll find that it is a child-friendly, amiable neighborhood where many families live. The town has 52 parks in all along with community centers, recreation centers, a Youth Athletic Park, and an aquatic center. You could also visit its library for an impressive collection of books.  In addition, recent surveys have declared the town to be one of the safest to live in California. All these factors make Mission Viejo short sales a good option for people looking to raise a family.

Other Facilities in Mission Viejo

You can find all the shopping centers and malls you need in Mission Viejo. The main mall is the Shops at Mission Viejo where you can visit branded stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue. The city also offers avenues for entertainment like Laser Quest, Howie’s Game Shack, and Regal Cinemas. The freshwater lake in the city is a favored destination for families with little kids. They can go swimming or rent one of the many boats to spend a pleasant afternoon sailing or kayaking in the lake.

Finding an Expert Realtor

Buying a Mission Viejo short sale or foreclosed home can involve many complicated procedures. To make sure you have all the paperwork in place to negotiate the deal, you’ll need to find an experienced realtor who knows how to help you go about the process. Look for an expert like Amy Sims to help you take care of the negotiations and sorting through other bank formalities.

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