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Ladera Ranch's Township is located on the far eastern side of of the region near the Mercantile West and East shopping centers. The walk-ability of Township is high because of the conveniently located shopping, dining, cafes, schools, parks and hiking trails. There are three neighborhoods that make up Township: Aldenhouse, The Gables, and Three Vines.

The home styles in these neighborhoods vary from smaller townhomes to larger single family residences.

Township District is one of the more diminutive areas of Ladera Ranch bordering Crown Valley and Antonio Parkways.

These is one school located in Township: Chapparal Elementary School. And there are 2 quaint parks: Town Green and Chapparal Park.

If you are looking for more information on Ladera Ranch's Township District look no further than your local expert, Amy Sims. She is dedicated to helping those looking to get their own piece of Ladera Ranch.

Real Estate Statistics

  • Ave Price Per Sq. Ft:$356
  • Media List Price:$540,000
  • Media Sale Price:$510,000
  • Average Days Market48

Available Homes in Township District

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