Mission Viejo Homes

Mission Viejo a highly populated city in Orange County, California with an estimated population of 96,346 in 2014. A growing community is a strong indication of the livability of the city. First and foremost, there are jobs in this area. The businesses that have made Mission Viejo their base have attracted a lot of people to relocate to the area. Then, there are so many great Mission Viejo Homes that are near the seaside area, providing a scenic view you never grow tired of. There are also a selection of condominium units, modern houses, and luxury homes here, giving you more to choose from.

Mission Viejo, CA Real Estate

Mission Viejo Homes

Amy Sims: Mission Viejo Real Estate Expert

Amy Sims is one of the highly regarded local realtors serving the people of Mission Viejo. As a housing professional, she can be trusted because her expertise had been developed through the years of personal experience in the industry and her extensive knowledge of the local market. She can help you if you are ready to buy or sell a house.

School System In Mission Viejo

One of the greatest attractions in this area is the top-notch schools that cater to all academic levels (elementary, middle and high). Some of the great schools are:

  • De Portola Elementary School
  • Oxford Preparatory Academy – South Orange County
  • Newhart Middle School
  • Philip J. Reilly Elementary/Special Education

These schools are all top-rated, ensuring it’s no longer a problem where your children can get their formal education from elementary to high school.

5 Top Reasons To Buy Mission Viejo Homes

There are 5 main reasons why you need to buy a home in Mission Viejo.

1. The place is great.

The crime rate here is very low, with an Index of 75. This figure lets you know that this city is one of the safest in the region.

2. People are peace-loving.

In connection to the first factor, the people living in this city are peace-loving. The crime rate level is an indication that this is a relaxed place to live in California that still offers the amenities you want.

3. There are great restaurants everywhere.

If you want to eat in some savory restaurants, you don’t have to leave your neighborhood. There are some fantastic restaurants in Mission Viejo, such as Peppino’s Italian Family Restaurant and Delizie Ristorante & Bar.

4. Schools serve the students with world-class education.

This is one of the main reasons why you must choose this place. The schools that operate here are all world-class with solid reputations. They offer quality education to their students.

5. There are world-class recreational facilities.

There are recreational centers that have world-class equipment and facilities. You can work, play and exercise all in the same place.

Real Estate In Mission Viejo Is So Hot!

The real estate business in this city has been hot. How is it considered? You can see it for yourself with the available Mission Viejo Homes for sale. For several months now, the realtors in this particular area have observed the increasing growth of housing sales.

Look For Top Mission Viejo Realtors

Amy Sims is one of the high-caliber realtors in this area. She knows everything about the local housing industry. She can lead you to finding the right home for your family in the perfect neighborhood. She can also help you earn top dollar by selling your Mission Viejo home. She is the perfect housing professional to choose for one of the biggest decisions in your life.