Laguna Niguel Short Sales

Laguna Niguel is a picturesque community located on the coast in Orange County, California. Established in 1959, the city covers an area of 14.7 miles. It takes its name from “laguna” the Spanish name for lagoon, and “miguel” the name of an Indian village that once stood near Aliso Creek. In addition to Aliso Creek, the city also has other waterbodies like Sulphur Creek and Sulphur Creek Reservoir or Laguna Niguel Lake. According to the census of 2015, the city has around 62,720 residents working at 14,714 jobs. Most of the shopping and educational centers are sited within short, walking distances making them easily accessible. Given these positives, you could choose Laguna Niguel Short sales as an investment choice.

Laguna Niguel Short Sales

Laguna Niguel Short Sales

Amy Sims: Top-rated Realtor in Laguna Niguel

Looking for short sales homes in Laguna Niguel can involve long procedures. Thus, you’ll need the help of an expert realtor like Amy Sims who can help you. Trust in her to scout around for the perfect home you have in mind. With her extensive knowledge of the city and the real estate business, she can find you the best deal out there. Even after placing an offer, it could take a while before the deal is finalized. You might also have to deal with extensive paperwork and other formalities. Given all these issues, you must work with an experienced realtor who knows the ropes and can guide you in the best way possible.

Should You Invest in Laguna Niguel Short Sales

Considering that the city is a great place to live in, you could invest in Laguna Niguel Short sales. It will interest you to know that about a third of the city area is left as open spaces. The many parks include a dog park, 23 neighborhood parks, small parks, community parks, and many more. You could also spend time on the beach or at the Laguna Niguel Skate & Soccer Park. The Aliso/Wood Canyons Regional Park and the Laguna Niguel Regional Park are two areas where you can commune with the beauty of nature. In addition, the city has many schools and colleges along with hospitals that can provide you with the best of healthcare.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Given the low prices at which you can buy short sales in Laguna Niguel, buyers often overlook many important factors. To begin with, take your time checking the house for the possible repair work you might have to do. If the seller talks about any obvious faults, you might want to investigate them in detail. It is also advisable to make sure you get a professional to inspect the house thoroughly. Before finalizing the deal, take care to get estimates of what the house can be worth a few years down the road. You might also want to check the insurance and legal paperwork properly. All these tasks need the practiced eye of an expert realtor like Amy Sims. Contact her to assist you and you can get the best deal possible on your Laguna Niguel short sales and foreclosures.

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