Property Management

Quality property management ensures that rental properties run smoothly, whether they are apartments, houses, duplexes or other multi-family housing. They monitor these properties on a daily or weekly basis and provide a source of contact for tenants. They answer questions and deal with tenant issues so the property owner can focus on other aspects of owning rental properties.

Who Needs Property Management?

Owning rental properties can provide valuable, steady income whether you are an individual landlord or a company. However, managing those properties is often quite time-consuming. And if you don’t have experience in this area, you often end up losing money and missing out on prime income opportunities.

The answer to this problem is to hire a qualified, experienced property management team. They take any tasks off your to-do list to allow you more time to deal with the big picture. With a property management company, you can customize the contract to have them deal with the jobs you don’t want.

Here is a list of tasks under the scope of property management:

  • Assessment of a new property to determine what is needed to make it rent-ready
  • Interview and screen all prospective tenants
  • Background checks for criminal records, sex offender registry and credit
  • Oversee move-in process
  • Collects rent
  • Manage eviction process
  • Post violation notices
  • Monitor property on ongoing basis
  • Rental rates updated
  • Marketing of property
  • Manage property repairs and work orders

You choose which services you outsource to the property management team for increased efficiency.

Any property owner can benefit from the services our company provides. We work with individual landlords to manage one or two properties or real estate companies with hundreds of units. Owners who lack experience in one area will find that our services enable them to focus on their strengths while ensuring the properties run smoothly.

We Create Custom Contracts

The Amy Sims property management company meets with potential clients to discuss their needs. We create a contract based on in-depth conversations about the services you require, so both parties know and understand their roles.

Because each client is unique, we tailor our contracts to these individual situations. We provide written contracts so you know exactly what you’re hiring us to do.

Why Hire Us

The Amy Sims team is a reputable property management team with a solid history in real estate. As a leading real estate agent, Amy Sims knows the local area and has contacts in many industries relevant to property management.

When you hire us, you get the benefit of working with a local company. Our team is made up of licensed professionals in various trades for complete maintenance of your property. We even have our own team of maintenance specialists who can respond with one hour’s notice. An attorney on staff ensures our contracts and other documentation meets all legal requirements.

We provide a $300,000 liability policy to cover tenants. In addition, we offer our moving truck free of charge to assist with the moving process.

While the Amy Sims team takes complete control of managing your property if you designate that as your preference, we make it easy for you to be involved. As a fully automated company, we provide a portal for private owners to access information about your property online.

Our goal is to provide exceptional service while reducing the costs of managing rental properties. One way we do this is by providing a tenant portal for rent payments and service requests. This ensures work orders are requested and completed to keep your property in the best shape. It also improves the rate of timely payments. In addition, we request that property owners purchase a home warranty with tenants paying the call-out fee when service is needed, which reduces the overall cost of repairs.

To ensure your units are always leased, we list all properties on the MLS and 700 other websites. Using professional photography, we provide full marketing of the properties to appeal to potential tenants.

If you want to earn a decent income from rental properties without the hassle of managing them, turn to the team that understands property management. The Amy Sims team provides professional management services for a better return on your investment.