Cost of Living in Ladera Ranch is Downright Attractive

Cost of Living in Ladera Ranch is Downright Attractive Image

Cost Of Living Expenses Sky High Monitor Showing Increasing Cost

For so many consumers, having the ability of staying within a family budget that is realistic is becoming progressively more and more important these days and that includes residents of Ladera Ranch. The cost of living in Ladera Ranch hasn’t exactly exploded, however most families are watching it carefully anyway.

Between recovering from the Great Recession, which has gone rather slowly, as well as the financial upset of the past ten years; many families have been watching their expenses as a practical requirement for counteracting those enduring effects. Whether the wolf is at the door or not, caution is the word of the day in spite of the slow rise of consumer optimism. Frivolous spending has definitely becoming somewhat rare.

So, a recent news story about the cost of living being much higher than the Ladera Ranch cost of living in certain other places in the world could have brought a modicum of comfort to some rather frugal residents of Orange County. Bloomberg Business recently quoted UBS, which is the most massive wealth management firm in the world, as well as a giant in the field of financial services globally. Now, bear in mind that UBS was never known for its modesty. This is obvious by statements on their “About Us” web page where they call themselves “the best global bank” and the “best bank in Switzerland”.

That being said, according to Bloomberg, UBS’ announcement outlined the cost of living statistics for specific global cities. Their findings show three cities as having the highest cost of living worldwide. Not surprisingly, the top two costliest cities were both in Switzerland, Geneva and Zurich. In fact, the Swiss Central Bank did away with the currency ceiling recently and that caused the franc to jump to a record high vs. the Euro, leaving the assumption, of course, against the dollar and all the rest of the currencies in the world.

The article uses a horizontal bar chart that shows Zurich as being the most costly place in the world and Geneva is not far behind, then followed by the third city. And, what is the third city? Well, New York, of course. And, why not? If you take the cost of rent into account, it really should be number one, which makes the report seem somewhat suspicious and possibly just based upon the Swiss being incredibly proud of being the most expensive.

Now, people in San Francisco might disagree with the findings, but they would be hard-pressed to get the Swiss to the West Coast in order to argue the issue with them. All we know is that it costs an average $4,320 monthly for a NYC apartment with two bedrooms in comparison with the same piece of real estate in Zurich for only $2,390. When computing simple baskets of goods, as UBS did in the horizontal bar chart, that monthly $3,500 each for all three cities in the study is totally wiped out by the massive rental costs in Manhattan.

In any case, all of this could be enough to make you feel really good about the cost of living in Ladera Ranch, as well as the potential bargains to be had in Ladera Ranch real estate. So, give me a call for more information about what’s currently available.